Forthcoming presentations

Society of Research into Higher Education annual conference, Newport, Wales, December 2017

Jessie will present a paper on students as political actors, drawing on focus group data and analysis of policy documents from England and Ireland.

Past presentations

Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference, London, UK, 29th August-1st September 2017

Rachel gave a paper entitled ‘The construction and spatial positioning of higher education students in English policy documents’ as part of the symposium we have organised. The abstract is available here.

European Sociological Association Conference, Athens, Greece, 29th August-1st September 2017

Anu, Jessie and Predrag gave papers from the project – one based on the analysis on institutional websites and the second on the English and Irish student focus groups.

Consortium of Higher Education Researchers, Jyväskylä, Finland, 28th-30th August 2017

Predrag presented some of the early findings from the cross-national analysis of university websites (from all of our six countries).

European Conference on Educational Research, Copenhagen, Denmark, 22nd-25th August 2017

Rachel and Predrag each gave a paper outlining some of the initial findings from the research. Rachel’s paper, entitled ‘The construction of higher education students in English policy documents’, drew on an analysis of documents from a range of policy actors (government, unions and business) while Predrag’s paper focused on findings from the cross-national analysis of higher education institution websites.

Departmental seminar, Department of Education, Brunel University, UK, 17th May 2017

Rachel explored some dominant constructions of HE students across Europe, considering differences both between and within nation-states. Her paper was entitled ‘Consumers, workers, family members or political actors? Conceptualising the European higher education student’ and the abstract can be found here.

The choices and aspirations of higher education students in England, BSA annual conference, Manchester, UK, 4th-6th April 2017

Jessie and Rachel gave a paper based on focus groups with English higher education students, and an analysis of English policy documents. This formed part of a symposium we organised on ‘Constructing the higher education student and graduate’. The abstract is available here.

Digging Deeper: Eurostudent Researchers’ Forum, Vilnius, Lithuania, 1st-2nd February 2017

In our paper at this conference, Jessie and Anu outlined the aims and objectives of our project (as well as our progress to date), with the intention of opening up space for discussion of the ways in which it can complement the quantitative data being collected as part of the Eurostudent survey.

Seminar, UCL Institute of Education, London, UK, 15th December 2016

We gave a paper entitled ‘Constructing the higher education student: comparisons across and within European nations’ as part of the Centre for Global Higher Education‘s lunchtime seminar series. You can download the slides and listen to an audio recording of the presentation here.

Society for Research into Higher Education annual conference, Newport, Wales, 7th-9th December 2016

We gave our first full-length paper from the project at the SRHE annual conference, exploring what we know from the extant literature about the ways in which higher education students are constructed across and within European nations. The presentation was entitled ‘Constructing the higher education student in Europe’.

Short introduction to the project, Launch seminar, University of Surrey, UK, 21st September 2016

Rachel gave a brief overview of the project as part of her introduction to the one-day seminar we held to launch the EuroStudents research. Further details about the event can be found here.

Departmental seminar, Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, UK, 20th April 2016

This was our first presentation about the EuroStudents research project. Rachel spoke about the aims and objectives of the research, and her experience of applying to the European Research Council.