New member of Advisory Group

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Professor Marek Kwiek – Director of the Centre for Public Policy Studies and the UNESCO Chair in Institutional Research and Higher Education Policy at the University of Poznan, Poland – who has recently joined our Advisory Group.

Team members recently enjoyed a short trip to Poznan to meet some of Professor Kwiek’s colleagues and discuss some of the practicalities of our fieldwork in Poland. We are very grateful for their help and hospitality!

Welcome to members of our advisory group

We are delighted that the following people have agreed to join our Advisory Group:

Barbara Kehm, Professor of Leadership and International Strategic Development in Higher Education, University of Glasgow, UK

Lea Meister, President of the European Students’ Union

Maria Slowey, Professor and Director of Higher Education Research and Development, Dublin City University, Ireland

Aina Tarabini, Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Education, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Carlos Vargas-Tamez, Senior Project Officer, Education Research and Foresight Unit, UNESCO

Susan Wright, Professor, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark