Research team

Rachel Brooks is the principal investigator on the project. She is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey in the UK, and an executive editor of the British Journal of Sociology of Education. Rachel has conducted a wide range of projects on different aspects of sociology of education, including international student mobility, young graduates and lifelong learning, the experiences of higher education students with dependent children, and the changing nature of students’ unions. More information about Rachel’s research and publications can be found here.

Sazana Jayadeva is a post-doctoral research fellow on the project, working in particular on the institutional perspectives strand of research. Prior to joining the project, Sazana was a fellow at the GIGA Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg, Germany, and conducted research on student migration from India to Germany, and the role that social media plays in mediating this mobility. Sazana’s doctoral research, conducted at the University of Cambridge, explored the relationship between the English language, education, and class formation in contemporary India.

Achala Gupta is a postdoctoral research fellow, leading the students strand of the Eurostudents project. Her doctoral work examined mainstream education from the vantage point of private tutoring (‘shadow education’) in India. Before joining the team, Achala worked on a project on global Asian universities and international students’ mobilities at the Asia Research Institute in Singapore. Her current interests include: education delivery system(s) and practices, educational (in)equality and (im)mobilities, and the new middle-class. Achala has a PhD in sociology (NUS), MA in Social Work (TISS), Master of Population Studies (IIPS), and an MPhil in Educational Research (Cambridge).

Anu Lainio is a postgraduate researcher on the project and is leading the media representations strand of work.  Anu did her first master’s in education in University of Tampere. She studied her second master’s in Erasmus Mundus programme on Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management in Aarhus University (Copenhagen) and Deusto University (Bilbao). Anu also has a several years working experience in higher education administration and in international relations. Her research interests are in internationalisation of higher education, mobility, social justice and equality.

Associate members

Jessie Abrahams is a former post-doctoral research fellow on the project, and is now a lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Bristol. Jessie has been working in particular on the student understandings strand, and continues some work int his area.

Predrag Lažetić is also a former post-doctoral fellow on the project, and is now a prize fellow in the Department of Education at the University of Bath. He is continuing to work on some aspects of the project, with a particular focus on institutional understandings of students.