Project outputs

Two articles from the project have been published over the past year:

Brooks, R. (2017) Understanding the higher education student in Europe: a comparative analysis, Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education (online advance access)(Open access version is available here.)

Brooks, R. (2017) The construction of higher education students in English policy documents (online advance access), British Journal of Sociology of Education.

We have also written a book chapter, which is forthcoming:

Brooks, R. and Abrahams, J. (forthcoming) Higher education students as consumers? Evidence from England, in: Tarabini, A. and Ingram, N. (eds) Educational Choices, Aspirations and Transitions in Europe London, Routledge.

In addition, we have listed some previous publications from the project team that are relevant to the EuroStudents research:

Abrahams, J. (2017) Honourable mobility or shameless entitlement? Habitus and graduate employment, British Journal of Sociology of Education 38, 5, 625-640.

Abrahams, J. and Ingram, N. (2013) The Chameleon Habitus: Exploring Local Students’ Negotiations of Multiple Fields, Sociological Research Online, 18, 4.

Bathmaker, A.-M., Ingram, N., Abrahams, J., Hoare, A., Waller, R. and Bradley, H. (2016) Higher Education, Social Class and Social Mobility. The Degree Generation London, Palgrave Macmillan.

Brooks, R., Byford, K. and Sela, K. (2015) The changing role of students’ unions within contemporary higher education, Journal of Education Policy 30, 2, 165-181. (Open access version is here.)

Brooks, R. (2013) The social construction of young people within education policy: evidence from the UK’s Coalition government, Journal of Youth Studies, 16, 3, 318-333. (Open access version is here.)

Brooks, R. (2012) Student-parents and higher education: a cross-national comparison, Journal of Education Policy 27, 3, 423-437. (Open access version is here.)

Brooks, R. and Waters, J. (2011) Student Mobilities, Migration and the Internationalization of Higher Education Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan. (Reprinted in paperback, with new foreword, in 2013.)

Brooks, R. and Waters, J. (2009) A Second Chance at ‘Success’: UK students and global circuits of higher education, Sociology, 43, 6, 1085-1102. (Open access version is here.)

Brooks, R. and Everett, G. (2009) Post-graduation reflections on the value of a degree, British Educational Research Journal, 35, 3, 333-349. (Open access version is here.)