Conference presentations this week

We’re having a busy time presenting our work at conferences this week. Anu and Jessie are presenting a paper on the construction of students in English newspapers and policy documents, as well as by students themselves, at the European Sociological Association in Athens. (The abstract of their paper can be found here.) Predrag is also presenting at the ESA – on the construction of students in university websites across Europe. (His abstract is here.)

Rachel has organised a two-part symposium (on spatial variations in the construction of higher education students) at the Royal Geographical Society’s annual conference – to be held on Friday. As part of this, she’ll be giving a paper on her analysis of English policy documents. More details about the symposium can be found here.

At the start of the week, Predrag was at the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers’ annual conference at Jyväskylä in Finland – again talking about his analysis of university websites across Europe.

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